Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Noumi Kudryavka Halloween Figure

Even though I haven't purchased any anime merchandise in almost a year, I still check on Toyslogic every now and then for nice figures. Not too long ago I discovered one that, to me, is the nicest looking PVC figure I've seen to date.

I've always found Noumi Kudryavka to be cute, and bought a Kotobukiya version of her last summer. She looks adorable dressed for Halloween, and the base she stands on looks nicely decorated. I'd love to own this figure but Toyslogic has her on pre-order for $150 USD! The most I've spent on a figure to date is $75 for Misuzu Kamio. Too bad this 18cm Noumi figure has to be "limited," otherwise she'd be a lot cheaper.

She'll be available 10/31/2009 if anyone feels like buying me one! :D